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Elegantly and beautifully landscaped properties begin with a proficient landscape design, proper installation, and continued maintenance. Our team is extremely passionate in creating appealing landscapes to complement your property’s unique needs.


 A well-maintained landscape reflects who you are and who you chose to be in the community. Anchors Lawn Maintenance provides regular site visits to ensure a beautifully maintained and visually stunning landscape.


Our experienced staff will guide you through the installation process from the initial design phase to material selection and installation, while keeping your budget and maintenance of your landscape in mind.

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Josh B.
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Don't let the lack of reviews fool you Kevin works too hard to manage a website. I'm in a small community and had been through three previous landscapers to take care of our decent-sized property with tons of landscaping including a 12-foot high caloosa hedge around the whole thing (he cuts that with a machete b/c it's better for it he told me!). I was the first to find Anchors lawn but a year later I know if at least 5 other neighbors who have left their "mow blow and go" guys behind and now use Kevin. He works with the crew most every time and they take care of things without needing to ask. Not many like him anymore!!
Michelle W.
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I cannot say enough positive things about Kevin and his team. Always addressing any issues or questions I have had. They show up when they say they will. Everyone I have dealt with is very professional. The quality of service is outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking!
Fred W.
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Kevin has been awesome for us. Top notch! Our lawn has never looked so great. Ask them to do something once and consider it done. Highly recommend them for a full service job. We have suggested them over and over. They don't bring weeds from other lawns. Not your typical 10 minute cut and go. They take their time and get it done perfect, every time. Call them and you will ALWAYS be happy!

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